When was Selleys started?

Martin Selley started Selleys in 1939 in Sydney. Martin Selley had earlier emigrated from Germany and started to make his Special Putty, selling it door to door. His product was considered so superior to other putties available that he set up the company to meet the demand, maintaining our commitment to superior products.

Does Selleys pollute the environment?

Selleys strives hard to be a good corporate citizen and that includes a very strong focus on the sustainability of the products and practices of Selleys. Good product stewardship is a core value of Selleys and is summed up by “No injuries to anyone, ever”. Selleys strives to implement this in everything we do.

Does Selleys have an environmental policy & where can I get it?

DuluxGroup’s Safety & Sustainability policy can be downloaded here.

Does Selleys issue Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) information on its products?

Selleys always ensures it complies with all relevant laws and regulations, at this point in time all Selleys products meet the adhesives & sealants VOC content limit set by Hong Kong Environmental Protection Departmant. For detailed informtation, please refers to product technical data sheet.

Data Sheet

Does Selleys make temporary adhesives?

No, at this point in time Selleys only makes “permanent” adhesives.

Does Selleys issue warranties on their products?

Selleys stands by the warranties as evidenced by our motto: “If It’s Selleys It Works.” In relation to other transactions, Selleys may issue a formal warranty provided the relevant conditions have been met. It is important to remember however that the proper application of Selleys products in accordance with the application instructions is often critical in getting the best result.

Why do some good products that Selleys made in the past disappear from the market?

Selleys makes and markets a wide range of products with a reputation for excellence; however, in some cases their popularity does not justify the continued manufacture of these products. From time to time Selleys reviews its product range to ensure it is relevant & still meeting our consumer’s needs. In many cases Selleys produces an even better product to replace older products. In other cases the stores stocking the products may have changed & the products are actually still available.

If you can’t find the Selleys product you are looking for, please call (852) 3473 3362 & ask our Customer Service department to advise you if & where you can still purchase the product you want.

How do I remove supa glue?

It can be softened over a period of about 5 to 10 minutes with Acetone (a solvent commonly found in nail polish remover) however some leather finishes and laminated benchtops and plastics can be damaged by this solvent and it can remove the colour. Extreme care should be used in this event & pre-testing is strongly recommended.

Does Selleys make medical adhesives?

At this point in time Selleys does not make medical adhesives and so we do not recommend the use of any of our products internally, including for repairing dentures. Contact your medical professional for advice on appropriate products for these uses.

What products will not attack Styrofoam but will glue to it?

Liquid Nails Fast (waterbased)
AquadherePVA (Interior or Exterior)
Kwik Grip Waterbased
Selleys Roof & Gutter
Urethane Bond