SELLEYS Kwik Grip Waterbased

Repair & Fix

SELLEYS Kwik Grip Waterbased

SELLEYS Kwik Grip Waterbased is a waterbased contact adhesive. It is excellent for bonding large, horizontal, flat, close-fitting surfaces e.g. Veneers and laminates for bench or table tops. Forms a durable, heat resistant bond.




High Strength
Easy to use
Easy to clean up – Cleans up with water
Low odour/ Low VOC / Non-toxic – No harmful solvent fumes (Safer than solvent based adhesives).
Especially useful if repairing inside your home or in a confined space. e.g. Car.
Suitable for use on horizontal or vertical surfaces
Can be used in same method as other adhesives (wet bond) for small repairs.
Heat resistant to 160℃


What materials is this product suitable for?
Most plastics (Not recommended for bonding Polyethylene or Polypropylene Plastics)

How To Use

How to use this product?
Ensure surfaces are clean and dry. Remove cap and carefully remove foil seal.
Apply to both surfaces and spread evenly, ensuring surfaces are completely covered. Keep surfaces apart until clear and almost ‘touch dry’ – approx. 20 minutes, not more than 40 minutes.
Position items carefully, still keeping surfaces apart. When edges are perfectly aligned, working from one edge, press surfaces firmly together. Grabs IMMEDIATELY on contact.
Secure the bond by running a roller over the bonded surfaces or by hammering the surface from the centre outwards using a padded block. Maximum bond strength is reached after 24 hours. Clamping of warped or curled surfaces may be necessary.
WET BONDING (Small areas or porous surfaces)

Ensure the surfaces are clean and dry.
Apply KWIK GRIP to one surface, then bring the surfaces together and clamp until dry.

Safety Tips
Clean up excess wet adhesive with water.
Drying time may be extended in cold or wet weather, or for thicker applications. DO NOT apply below 10℃.
NOT for Polyethylene or Polypropylene. Use Selleys All PLASTIC FIX.
NOT for frequently damp or wet areas or exterior use.

Warning/ First-Aid:
Keep out of reach of children.
Avoid contact with skin and eyes. In case of eye contact, immediately flush with water and wash skin with soap and water.