SELLEYS RP7 Multipurpose Lubricant

Multi-Use Product

SELLEYS RP7 Multipurpose Lubricant

SELLEYS RP7 is a multi-purpose lubricating and penetrating spray which displaces water and inhibits corrosion.





RP7 contains penetrating lubricant oil that stops squeaks and loosens rusted parts.
RP7 displaces moisture.
RP7 protects all metals by providing a protective barrier against corrosive environments, including salt water and many chemicals.
RP7 will not adversely affect rubber, paintwork or most plastics.

Available Size

150g, 300g aerosol can


Clear, honey brown liquid


Characteristic pleasant odour


Where can this product be used?

RP7 is suitable for household, automotive, marine, farm, industrial and building use.
It helps to start wet motors, loosens rusted parts, lubricates, stops squeaks and protects against rust.

What materials is this product suitable for?

Rusted Pparts

How To Use

How To Use

To start wet motors (cars, boats, mowers, etc.)

Remove distributor cap, wipe with a dry rag if soiled and then spray with RP7. Replace cap and spray around distributor cap, spark plugs, coil, generator, starter motor, leads etc. RP7 draws out moisture which causes ignition short circuits – helps maintain correct electrical performance.

To penetrate and loosen

Spray RP7 on seized or stiff joints, nuts, bolts etc. Allow 5 minutes to penetrate and if necessary tap lightly. Repeat application if needed in severe cases. Use RP7 as a general purpose lubricant to eliminate squeaks and keep mechanisms functioning smoothly.

To protect against rust and corrosion

Simply spray RP7 periodically over nuts, hinges, linkages, garden tools or other metal parts.

RP7 penetrates into confined spaces to displace moisture and protect against rust. Use on steel, iron, copper, brass, aluminium and magnesium alloys. RP7 will not harm rubber or paintwork. The duration of protection obtained using RP7 will vary depending on the type of material being protected and the conditions of exposure.

Safety tips

Use only in well ventilated area
Intentional misuse by deliberately concentrating and inhaling contents can be harmful or fatal.