SELLEYS Professional Construction Adhesive


SELLEYS Professional Construction Adhesive

SELLEYS Professional Construction Adhesive is a one-part polymer compounding solvent based construction adhesive. It is compatible with and bond strongly to most construction materials. Also, it meets the national standard of formaldehyde content & Hong Kong VOC regulations for multi-purpose building adhesive requirements (VOC < 70g/L).





Repositionable when wet
Paintable when dry
Bonds to wet wood (need pretesting)
Bonds to most of the construction materials
Excellent vertical application property
Fast cure, great bonding strength
Flexibility in low temperature, cracking resistance
Low odour, free of Toluene, Xylene, n-hexan

Available Sizes

350g Cartridge



Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) Content

< 70g / L # Formaldehyde content in accordance with national standards “GB18583-2008 Indoor decorating and refurbishing materials - Limit of harmful substances of adhesives”


What materials is this product suitable for?
Particle board
Cement board
Some plastics*
* Pre test plastic to determine compatibility

How To Use

How to use this product

Ensure the surfaces to be bonded are clean, dry and free from dust, grease, oil and loose powdery materials.
Cut the tip of the cartridge and pierce foil seal inside. Cut the nozzle end to desired opening (approx. 5mm diameter). Fit to the top of the cartridge. Insert the cartridge into a caulking gun.
CONTACT BOND METHOD (For vertically application)

Apply a ‘zig zag’ bead of adhesive to one surface only, apply beads every 40cm. press together and pull apart. Allow surfaces to dry a few minutes before firmly joining.
WET BOND METHOD ((Use with clamping, for flooring use)

Apply a ‘zig zag’ bead of adhesive, assemble joint within 10 minutes using sufficient nails, screws or clamping to hold load and achieve contact over the total bond area. Allow adhesives to set (at least 24 hours) before removing any temporary fasteners or clamping.

Clean up

Wet adhesive – Clean off with mineral turps
Dry adhesive – Can be removed by scraping or sanding

Handy tips
When using CONTACT BOND METHOD, the product should not be pull apart more than 20 minutes, or its adhesive strengthness will be affected.
When using WET BOND METHOD, product is repositionable for up to 20 minutes after fitting.
The time it takes to form a strong bond depends on the nature and conditions of the application. In most situations strong bonds can be achieved after 24 hours and will continue to strengthen over a 2-3 day period. The product will fully cure up to 7 days.
Time to achieve full strength is increased: at constant low temperatures; when thick applications (joints) are used; wide areas are bonded; when bonded surfaces are impervious (eg metals and dense timbers).
Take care to prevent spills of adhesive onto lacquered timber surfaces, as solvents in the product may damage the appearance/finish. Or you may use SELLEYS Liquid Nails Fast to prevent it happens.
Should not be applied at temperatures below -5℃.
Not recommended for tightly clamped joints; eg cabinet making or joinery.
SELLEYS Liquid Nails Fast is preferred for styrene foam.
Not suitable for use on mirrors.
Bonds weaken at high temperatures (eg above 50°C). Avoid bonding metals or heavy materials which will be heated by direct sun, eg to metal roofing and siding.

Safety Tips

Keep away from children.
Avoid contact with skin & eyes.
If in eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of water and seek medical advice.
If contact occurs, wipe off immediately and wash with detergent. It may irrtate sensitive skin.
If swallowed, do NOT induce vomiting and seek medical advice..
Ensure you use a well ventilated area
Highly flammable. Vapours can be ignited by flames or sparks.
Avoid contamination of waterways. Allow waste or left over product to completely dry out before disposing of it.
Refer to Material Safety Data Sheet for more information.

Store in a cool place away from sources of ignition and as required by regulations for storage of low flash point flammable liquids.
The adhesive should be used within 6 months after opening.
After use keep the nozzle on the cartridge. Wrapping the nozzle in aluminium foil and sealing tightly with tape can prevent evaporation for longer storage.