SELLEYS Liquid Nails Rapid Cure


SELLEYS Liquid Nails Rapid Cure

Selleys Liquid Nails Rapid Cure is an advanced, high performance polyurethane construction adhesive that cures in just 10 minutes*. It provides a durable, waterproof bond even when bonding two non-porous surfaces.





Fast cure in 10 minutes*.
Same strength of conventional solvent- based construction adhesives.
Waterproof – Uncompromising durability, with excellent water, weather and heat resistance.
Can be used to bond most materials, and for most interior & exterior applications.
Its advanced formulation exceeds the requirements of BS-EN204 D4 for durability.
Resistant (after full cure) to heat to 100 ℃ and cold to -15 ℃. See “Limitations” below.
Does not drip, sag or string between panels.
Bridges gap up to 3mm hence can be used on rough and ill-fitting construction materials.
Product expands slightly as it cures.
Dried adhesive is paintable.

Available Sizes
325g cartridge



Where can this product be used?
Liquid Nails Rapid Cure can be used for applications where higher performance characteristics are necessary.

These include applications where:

Extra water resistance is essential. eg. Exterior applications such as decking.
Extra strength is required.
Extra temperature resistance is required. eg. Applications where metal substrates are exposed to direct sunlight.
Plastic substrates which are sensitive to solvent based adhesives are used.
Metal installations in which solvent based adhesives will be slow to cure.
Liquid Nails Waterproof is also suitable for typical construction applications such as:
Sheet flooring to joists
Metal or aluminium door strips to floors or walls
Timber or fibre cement sheeting to cement block or brick walls

What materials is this product suitable for?
Plastics (Pre-test to determine suitability)
LOSP treated pine

How To Use

How to use this product
Avoid contact with skin. Wear safety glasses, impervious gloves and clothing. Surfaces to be bonded should be free of oil, grease and dust. On wet timber pooled water should be wiped off.

1. Cut cartridge tip, fit nozzle and cut end to desired width (approx 5mm diameter).
2. Apply bead along length of one bonding surface.On broad surfaces apply beads every 40cm. (‘zig-zag’ beads are more appropriate on surfaces of moderate width; eg shiplap panels.)
3. Position pieces and press firmly together. Fix with sufficient nails, screws or clamping to hold load and achieve contact over total bond area. Repositionable for up to 5 mins after fitting.
4. Allow to set for 15-20 mins for porous surfaces before removing temporary fasteners or clamps.*

Liquid Nails Rapid Cure will achieve full cure in 24 hours.
*Expect longer times for very “dry” timber, heavier objects and less porous surfaces, or in colder weather. Spraying surfaces with a very light mist of water may help speed up cure.

Handy tips
Gloves should be worn when applying Liquid Nails Rapid Cure. Avoid contact with skin.
Adhesive requires moisture to cure, therefore drying times will vary depending on temperature, humidity and the porosity of materials bonded. Spraying surfaces with a very light mist of water may help speed up cure.
Product should not be applied below 5°C.
LIQUID NAILS Rapid Cure expands slightly as it cures.
Not suitable for sole fixing for structural bonding.
LIQUID NAILS Rapid Cure should always be used in conjunction with mechanical fasteners in structural, critical or high stress applications.
Wet LIQUID NAILS Rapid Cure residues can be removed with acetone or mineral turpentine.
Cured or dry LIQUID NAILS Rapid Cure residues can be removed by chiseling, scraping or sanding.

Safety tips
If swallowed, do NOT induce vomiting.
Avoid skin contact. Avoid breathing in vapours.
Ensure you use a well ventilated area
Product is an eye, skin and respiratory irritant and can potentially cause irritation.
Avoid contamination of waterways. Allow waste or left over product to completely dry out before disposing of it.
For further detail on the safe use of this product, please refer to the Material Safety Data Sheet, which can be downloaded from this site.
Keep away from children.

Storage and re-use
Store in a cool place.
The adhesive should be used within 6 months after opening.
After use keep the nozzle on the cartridge.
Liquid Nails Rapid Cure is a polyurethane based adhesive that requires moisture to cure. Wrapping the nozzle in aluminium foil and sealing tightly with tape can prevent moisture exposure for longer storage.